Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Close-up of the repaired handle. I was also able to match and repair the gold.

This is the repaired cup. This time we were able to perform a complete restoration. As with all restorations of this type the cup should be displayed and not used on a regular basis. Probably what the client wanted to do anyway. When a repaired item like this is to be used it should be hand washed and carefully towel dried. No hash soaps should be used.

This is a close-up of the broken handle. Note the damaged gold leaf.

This is an eighteenth century wedding cup. The owner is an 85 year old man who's wife had recently died. He had given her the cup on their wedding day over 60 years before. The cup was old when they got it and it had been broken in the 1960's and put in a drawer. When the gentleman's wife died he decided to have it restored to remember her by and to pass along to the children and grandchildren.

Glass repair and Restoration

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